How to Expand Your Vocabulary
David J Pfeiffer

I used to memorize vocabulary words using flash cards for my language courses when in middle and high school. My system with the flash cards is going to sound obsessive, but it worked for me:

1. Write out (by hand! Not typing) the word on one side and its definition and part of speech on the back.

2. Test myself by seeing the definition side of the card and trying to name the word. If I made a mistake, I started over from the beginning after shuffling the cards.

3. Once I could get through the entire stack flawlessly with the definition side up, I would do the same process but by having to say the definition after seeing the word. This is harder to do, but this direction is the most important way.

Even though I’m years out of college, if I ever wanted to try to learn a bunch of new words, I would find some vocab lists and use the obsessive, perfectionist flash card method described above. Just writing out the cards in the first place helps you learn.

If you wanted to go nuts, you could then test yourself by writing sentences using the words in the vocab lists.