What Are The Best Skills To Learn Online?

We live in an age where information is at our fingertips. No matter what it is we’re searching for, it’s only a few keystrokes and clicks away. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that everyone takes advantage of the vast resources at their fingertips.

However, we all know that information is power. Information is also security. Freedom. And much more. Yet, consuming that information has become monumentally difficult in an era filled with so much noise. Weeding through the excess means chipping away at troves of data available to us at a moment’s notice.

For the most part, we neglect this modern convenience. We don’t wield and leverage information for good. We spend much of our day immersed in time-wasting activities that help to push us further and further away from our goals rather than closer towards them.

Yet, in today’s digital era, time can and must be used for good if you’re serious about getting ahead in life. Time, which is the life’s greatest equalizer, because no one person has more or less of it than the next, can be used for good when used wisely.

Those that are serious about making progress, know how to effectively manage their time. They use it to learn skills that will help them to advance in life. They use it to progress towards their long term goals, slowly but surely inching closer and closer.

And since time is such a precious commodity, how you use your time is going to dictate your potential for success. One way to do just that is to pick one of many skills available online that can be learned at a moment’s notice. Yet, these don’t require expensive degrees or university enrollments.

So, what are some of the best skills that can be learned online today? As a self-professed education enthusiast, digital sleuth, wanderlust and conveyer of all things tech-related, I know a thing or two about learning skills online.

In fact, I’ve created some of the most popular courses, books and audiobooks in the fields of digital marketing, SEO and web development, just to name a few. And while there are loads of skills that can be learned online today, there are only a handful that you should concentrate and focus your efforts on right now.

#1 — Web Development

In an era when computers are taking over the planet, quite literally, one of the most important and unifying skills that you could possibly garner is to learn web development.

Whether you take a web development course online, enroll at a local university or find a mentor, this is one of the best skills to have in today’s marketplace.

However, becoming a web developer, like mastering any other field, takes time. It won’t happen overnight. As long as you set a goal and you follow through, holding yourself accountable, you’ll get there over time.

#2 — Search Engine Optimization

Obviously, search engine optimization is a highly-important skill to have. Today, if you’re serious about business or marketing in any capacity, learning and understanding SEO should be a crucial part of your overall journey.

But, SEO is difficult to understand. It takes a significant amount of work and effort just to understand the fundamentals, then an enormous amount of time just to see things through. It doesn’t happen overnight.

Find a good SEO training course and learn the ropes. Gain a fundamental understanding of how it works, why it works and just how to wield the right strategies that will help you over time rather than hurt you.

#3 — Graphic Design

Graphic design is a skill that’s in high demand. If you’re at all into aesthetics, then this is definitely the best skill for you to learn online. It involves the mastery of not only design concepts and principles, but also of widely used tools.

There’s a lot of ground to cover in graphic design and this skill set applies to both print and digital mediums. However, considering that digital mediums are taking off, designs can move very quickly from draft into the real world.

Find a good course where you can learn things like Photoshop CC or Illustrator CC. Gain the fundamentals then seek an internship or begin posting your portfolio and seeking jobs on a platform like Upwork.

#4 — Copywriting

One of the most important skills that you can have, which can be learned online and through repetitious practice, is copywriting. Copywriting is a marketing skill of being able to effectively word just about anything.

By becoming a good copywriter, you can instantly sell just about anything to anyone through mediums such as email or web. This skill will significantly help you to succeed in business because it means becoming an effective communicator, something that’s at the heart of every successful business.

Find a good course or enroll in a class at a local university where you can learn how to become an effective copywriter. Writing is a difficult trade to learn in itself let alone copywriting. Stick it out and you’ll achieve your goals over time.

#5 — Social Media Marketing

Last, but certainly not least amongst the best learnable skills online is social media marketing. Social media marketing is a wide and diverse field that commands cross-disciplinary knowledge in a variety of areas.

However, to the person that can master social media marketing, the world is most certainly their oyster. Understanding how to command a massive following or build up hundreds of thousands of fans is a very marketable skill.

By building out an enormous platform you could quite literally also command thousands of dollars for things like sponsored posts. Find a good course or enroll in a class or even seek out a mentor to help you achieve your goals.