Week 3: 052916–060516

Sun: Mimosas @ Pink Elephant for Nicki & Molly’s birthdays! Btw, I now identify as ~*Princess Mimosa*~… shout out to kate for picking Pantone colors to represent each trumie! Mine is: PANTONE 14–0848 “Mimosa”. Anyways, an endless mimosa bar at brunch in the city with wonderful company? Yes. One of the most beautiful feelings ever: letting the summer rays hit, feeling the Bay Area wind, and feeling out a nice *buzz* with the best company.

Mon: Shopped with my sister and then went home. I wasn’t able to go on a family trip down to SoCal due to Pil-Grad conflicting so it was nice to spend time with them. Throw in some KBBQ, Warriors, and my family all in one room and you get a nice night in. I’m so grateful to feel a sense of comfort every time I go home.

Tues: Went back to Berkeley to run some errands. Was in a funky mood, but there is nothing like a power outage, your best friends (one of them getting stuck in an elevator), and a sunset at Indian Rock to remind you that life is so. so. so. good.

Wed: Went to work for the first time this summer! It was nice to reunite with my bosses. Sometimes I forget how long I’ve been working there. I’m super grateful for the relationships I’ve gained from my experience, it’s nice to be comfortable in a work place.

Thurs: With a new summer schedule established with work shifts in place, I’m going to try buckling down with a routine before I leave. Right now, I’m navigating that through! In the evening I got the chance to hang out at my apt with my sister. I am lucky to be able to spend time with my family. Which leads me to this weekend:

Fri- Sunday: Tahoe >Home > Apt. It’s nice to be older and to know that I am lucky to always have my family to depend on for good times.

Acosta Cousin Summer 2016 Tahoe Trip | Missing: Manang Iris & Ameer, + more cousins lol

I realize how much I love being around my cousins, and this weekend was a nice reminder that we have so many more memories to make. ❤

Overall, another really good week. Even though I’m only three weeks into my blog, it has already taught me that I can always find highlights in my days.

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