Week 7: 062916–070516


Yesterday I left the country. Never did I think that I would be writing a blog post while sitting down in an airport in Amsterdam. This past week was spent in preparation: cramming in hours at work to get in a paycheck, traveling back and forth between Berkeley and San Lorenzo, packing then repacking several times over, hanging out with people for “the last time” (a little dramatic, but I’m not going to lie about the fact that I will miss people), and a lot of self-coaching.

“You can do it!!!”

I had to remind myself that. I still have to tell myself that. I worry that people are skeptical when I say, “I’m nervous”, but I really am. Maybe it’s a mix of that anxiety and some self-doubt, but again, I never thought I would be in this position.

The nerves remind me that I am overdue for a little self-adventure. What better way to hone in on this new attitude I have developed then to put myself completely out of my element. I’ve noticed since 2016 began that my confidence has grown. I feel really good about it, and I have been reassured that I have what it takes to make it on my own. I want to believe everyone, but mostly I want to believe in myself.

I decided that this adventure was going to help me learn how to embrace myself. I’m going to be a proud introvert, a wanderlust traveler, a confident woman, an adventurer, a creative abroad, a student looking to learn more, etc. etc. etc.

I said it before, but the most beautiful thing about this trip is that I get to become whoever I want to be abroad. No one really knows me here, and it’s up to me to be the person I want to be.

I feel really good about this.

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