Donald’s Inferno

The Nine Concentric Circles of Donald Trump’s Hell


Richard Brenne

Like it or not, we each now reside in Donald’s Inferno, or the Nine Concentric Circles of Trump’s Hell. This is his brand and biggest single property to date, since it now covers all of America and in fact Earth itself.

It is as if God came to Earth to show us His nature and quality in His son a couple of thousand years ago. We were to follow His son’s example more and more in every way we could.

When that didn’t work, God heaved a big sigh and sent us someone who is also extremely profound. But in Trump’s case He is showing us everything not to think, say and do in every area of life. The sum total of all life is not your own ego, but the opposite — that is the contemporary message.

Trump is exactly the man our fathers warned us about, and by that, I mean our Founding Fathers. He is the man who would be King. He is everything our Founders fought against. Trump always lived as much like a King as he could, with gilded thrones and other puke-ready furniture, in labyrinths of gold and gilded crap that show absolutely no taste, class, sophistication, modesty, dignity or decency.

Trump is a caricature of a human being. He is a caricature of a human being’s basest, most infantile desires run amok.

Many supposedly wise pundits have said, “He is now our president, and so we should want him to succeed.”

I agree that we don’t want him to start WWIII. But domestically and in every other way, would you have wanted King George III to succeed? Napoleon? Hitler? Stalin? Mao?

Trump has all their initial impulses, but has not created his cult of personality and has not been King or Emperor or Fuhrer long enough to realize them.

In other words, Trump is to be resisted in every way, as president, leader, would-be king, and bastion of hideously bad taste and lack of caring.

The Royal Family

Donald Trump is trying to turn our 241-year-old democracy into his own personal monarchy. He doesn’t have a cabinet as much as courtiers, who are fighting each other as courtiers do.

Trump has installed his son-in-law Jared as a virtual Prince, His Royal Highness The Prince Jared Corey Kushner, Prince of Innovation, Duke of The Wall, Earl of Middle East Peace, Baron of Boom Times, Lord of the Flies and All Other Insects, and so on.

Trump’s daughter is Her Royal Highness The Princess Ivanka Marie Trump, Princess, Duchess, Baroness, Countess and Earless of the Same.

Which is enough to make one Earl. Or Ralph. Or Puke.

Before assuming these titles, each of these members of the Royal Family had exactly zero days working in government or civil service of any kind at any level. Zero. Zilch. Nada.

But to help them lead, the King brought in Bannon, Priebus, Tillerson, Spicer, Conway, Sanders, Carson, DeVos, Mnuchin and many others who also had exactly zero days working in government at any level. Zero. Zilch. Nada.

And then he brought in Perry, Haley and Pruitt, who had zero days working in government at the Federal Level. And Flynn, Mattis, and McMaster, who had zero days working in government as civilians.

The majority of these courtiers have no advanced degrees, no law degrees, nothing beyond going to colleges like Huntingdon, Calvin and Ouachita Baptist College.

As with any King, his courtiers main or evidently only criteria is loyalty. Jefferson Davis Beauregard Slaveowner Sessions III was the only Senator racist enough to endorse Trump early in the primaries, when he was considered a loud sideshow of a human being. The earliest general to endorse Trump was Michael Flynn.

Sessions attended what had been an all-woman college of a couple hundred a few decades earlier, before getting his law degree from the University of Alabama, which is ranked tied for 431st in a list of the world’s top universities by U.S. News. Our nation’s top law enforcement official perjured himself in his Senate confirmation hearing on a question he wasn’t asked. Sessions asked himself a question, then answered himself with a lie, lying to the United States Senate and all citizens, belatedly caught himself lying and his Howdy-Doody-Forrest-Gump grin faded, and he said that is all he was going to say about that.

Michael Flynn chanted “Lock Her Up! Lock Her Up!” like a Banana Republic dictator or sweater-folder at the Republican National Convention, communicated that Hillary Clinton ran a child-sex-slave ring out of a Washington pizzeria, and turned out to be a weird kind of double-agent, in that he was working as a spy or at least lobbyist for both Russia and Turkey, which was paying him over half a million dollars to consolidate the power of their own monarchy.


Iraqi interpreters who served our military in the most dangerous ways were vetted for years and still not allowed to emigrate to the United States, but Trump selected a double foreign-agent as the administration’s head vetter and interpreter of all U.S. intelligence.

But then, that is what a monarchy does.

Mafia Don

Do you remember how Trump calls his main opponents childish names like “Little Marco” Rubio, “Lyin’ Ted” Cruz, and “Crooked Hillary” Clinton?

He is now “Mafia Don” Trump.

Trump has been attracted to Mafia figures his entire adult life. When Trump wanted to move his family real estate business into the ultra-competitive and ultra-corrupt Manhattan real estate market, the first person he reached out to was Roy Cohn, who had gone from being the lead council to most-disgraced Senator Joe McCarthy’s communist witch-hunts to being the consigliere, or mob lawyer, for the biggest, most dangerous and deadly Mafia families in America.

Cohn taught Trump that building with steel involves working with corrupt labor unions that could strike at any time. And so, Cohn had Trump pay almost twice the going rate to build with reinforced concrete, which Cohn’s Mafia families controlled. Trump was also paying for advice and protection against labor strikes, which could cripple a skyscraper with huge cost overruns.

Trump went from the ultra-corrupt Manhattan construction business to the ultra-corrupt Atlantic City casino business, again with Cohn’s help. Trump Tower was not bugged by Obama, but much of it has been bugged by the FBI for decades because it has been a home to many American and Russia Mafia figures, often getting inexplicably good deals on their condos within the Tower.

Trump has always lived so far beyond his means and so many of his business dealings have cratered, including four bankruptcies, that he can’t get loans from reputable American and European banks and sources. And this drove Trump into the arms of Russian oligarchs, the Russian Mafia and Russian government, which are so intertwined that they are indistinguishable. If you are dealing with one, you are unavoidably dealing with the other two.

Trump’s first trip to Russia was in 1987. Yesterday I spent an hour talking to an American who lived in Russia a few years later, who knew that every hotel he stayed in was bugged or had cameras or both. I lived in Russia for four months in 1997 and every expensive thing about Moscow felt as corrupt as it could be. The estimates then and now are that 90 per cent of all the late model Audis, BMWs and Mercedes in Moscow have been stolen from Western Europe. I saw corruption with my own eyes, including airport officials getting 20 Chinese passports, each with an American $100 bill in them.

And so there is no doubt in my mind that Putin has incriminating evidence against Trump, including video evidence from hidden cameras, whether the famous golden showers with Moscow prostitutes or other images.

There is also no doubt in my mind that Trump has a labyrinth of incredibly complex business dealings with Russia, certainly involving hundreds of millions or billions of dollars. That is why Trump has never released his tax returns and never will, unless they are leaked. The only exception to this is the two pages of carefully-chosen 2005 tax returns that painted everything about Trump in the most favorable possible light, that he almost certainly secretly “leaked” himself.

And that is why Trump has slammed Obama, the Clintons, and hundreds of other people thousands of times, but has never said one bad word about Putin. Instead Trump has repeatedly called Putin “a strong leader” who is “better than Obama.”

Until his recent surprise attack on the Syrian airfield, I never heard or read Trump saying anything bad about Assad — or the increasingly autocratic leaders of Turkey, Hungary, Egypt, the Philippines, and a growing list of such increasingly dictatorial countries.

Because Trump is doing all he can to be the most autocratic and dictatorial leader he can be, also. He is obviously drawn to the most ruthless power-mongers, with absolutely zero regard for kindness, caring, honesty or any other basic human decency.

And so, Trump has run his family business like a Mafia family. His family business has never had stockholders or a board of directors or anything else that would be the least bit transparent or that would hold him accountable.

His giving unprecedented power to his son-in-law Jared Kushner and her wife, his daughter Ivanka Trump are all Mafia-like moves. So is his valuing loyalty above all else in appointing corrupt, dangerous and incompetent people like Jeff Sessions and Michael Flynn to two of the highest and most-sensitive positions in his administration.

All of this needs to be known and communicated as much as possible if we are to “Make America Democratic Again,” to borrow and paraphrase Trump’s own slogan.

Everything about Trump should be investigated and communicated as completely and loudly and continually as possible by the FBI, House and Senate Committees, hopefully an independent prosecutor, and by every member of the media and every citizen.

And so, I suggest that now and forevermore, totaling trillions of times, you and I and everyone else call Trump by his real name, “Mafia Don.”

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