My EPIC team-mates and LFA

A blog post on interesting attributes of my colleagues in Andela 33 Bootcamp

The Goliath Smasher

David clearly gives justice to his name. Recently, I was stuck with a blocker and was surprised by the minimal number of tweaks David suggested which ended up resolving my issue with readme badges. In my encounter with David, I have observed that he is able to give one-liner solutions to massive problems. His approach to resolving problems constantly reminds me of the Biblical David who took down Goliath with a few stones. With his surgical approach, he is capable of fixing bugs with very few changes in code and is not shy to give a help when others are stuck.

Paul the Composed Coder

I was in the same team with Paul during the workshops and found him to be a very observant coder. He used to give me constructive feedback once more often than not, from his feedback, I could tell that he had spent considerable time going through my code/UI. Whenever he noticed something wrong with the code, he would calmly approach the owner and present his findings in form of a question. One instance that remains vividly engraved in my memory is when after days of coding, Paul had noticed that I had created a models class but was not using in my code. He calmly walked to my back and whispered, ‘What do you intend to put in the models class?’ and it was at this moment that I realized I had completely forgotten about this class.

Charity, the Philanthropist team player

In one of the group assignments we had during the workshops, Charity was responsible for the folder structure to be used and the styling of the user interface. We had divided the work among ourselves and each person had a specific page to create. The mistake we made is that we allowed everyone to come up with their own CSS file and this created a very serious merge conflict when we brought our branches together. Considering that we made the merge a few hours before the submission deadline, Charity volunteered to stay behind and clean up the CSS code by resolving the merge conflicts. In several occasions, Charity availed herself and sacrificed extra time for the better good of the group.


So far I have spent a very short time with Alex and out of the brief interaction I have found him to be a very supportive learning facilitator who goes the extra mile to ensure we get timely feedback. In several instances, I have woken up only to find that he had given feedback in the middle of the night ensuring I had something to work on by the time I wake up. Alex also has a great attention to detail, considering that he is able to pick up coding mistakes which I had no idea existed.

With a few days remaining before the end of boot camp week one, it is my hope that I will continue to make more new friends as we work to meet the learning expectations.