Let us be


Clothed in dirty laundry.

Not having bathed for weeks.

Trying to sleep

with an empty stomach that’s making feel week.

Can’t switch off the lights

as I’m lying on the corner of the streets.

Wrapped up in my blankets

making me look like a corpse;

Might as well be in a body bag.

So I’mma switch off thinking about my next bag of weed to fix my thoughts as I lay to rest..


I’m standing in the middle of a parking lot,

thinking about this plot.

Wandering I find myself pondering about life,

Thinking what it would be like to have a wife.

With my earphones on listening to Bas

I realize some of my fellow brothers are behind bars.

So I guess it’s a blessing to wake up to the Sun.

Shinning light so bright;

My future is bright

only if I claim my birthright

to be the light of the world;

Be a bright morning star in a world that is forever mourning.

Death be not proud!


Can’t stand the screams, they are too loud

Screams of my fellow comrades protesting for free, quality, decolonised education

Trying to free us from this system.

They were put in prison;

Understanding they were there for a reason.

We sit in silence

Planning the next move

Placing all pieces into place for the next move

Nothing worth having comes easy so we ease up because this ain’t a race

long walk to freedom.

Coz we were just poor kids with rich dreams;
Dreams so expensive our own parents couldn’t afford to believe in them
Making us feel like they never believed in us.

Be it the streets, be it prison, a messed up education system,

Nothing can keep us down from the freedom we have in speaking our peace, a piece of our mind so please..

Let us be...

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Wandile Adonsi

Pretoria, South Africa

June 2017

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