Nimfamoney is the platform that provides the world’s first cryptocurrency loan service. You can borrow a token NIMFA with a zero interest rate (0%) imagine bro .. :) buy tokens from other blockchain companies that come to ICO or directly from bursanya. You only pay for ICO access and cryptococcal market + 10% of your profit at closing position.

To buy the token from the company will start in the form of an ICO in just one hour, all you need is to participate in the NIMFAmoney ICO, to get the NIMFA tokens and after the ICO we can get the loan three times greater than the amount of all NIMFA tokens you will Get on this ICO.

Ni is not a mere joke, it is serious, even NIMFAmoney himself says that this is not a joke.

Any NIMFA tokens you purchase at ICO in August 2017 allow you to borrow tokens to participate in new ICOs, or for trading in the market without verification and denial of our parties or parties wherever or wherever. All these are available in just minutes.

See how it works?

Iformasi from me about this project from NIMFAmoney this, hopefully this information material can be useful for you who already read it .. if you curious will deepen about this project you can visit the official website. Thanks.




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