Here you can borrow a NIMFA token with zero interest rate and no interest, use it to buy tokens from other blockchain companies coming to ICO, or directly on the exchange.

You only pay for access to the ICO market and cryptocurrency + 10% of your profits at the closing position. Here is an example that explains that will illustrate how cryptococcus work

Nimfamoney works and will double your personal profit to participate in ICO blocking companies and trade in the stock before 2018! Suppose you buy 1000 NIMFA tokens at ICO (1 NIMFA = $ 5), and after ICO you can borrow 3000 NIMFA tokens to buy other companies’ tokens at ICO and on the exchange.

To get a loan of 3000 NIMFA (1 NIMFA = $ 5), you must deposit 3.3% of the loan amount to gain access to Nimfamoney.

For this you transfer 3.3% of your loan amount (bearing in mind that the loan is 3000 NIMFA ($ 15000), you must transfer $ 495). After transferring 3.3% of your loan amount, you receive 300% of your initial funds inThat is, if you only have $ 5000 to trade on the exchange or buy tokens at ICO, with loan Nimfamoney you have $ 15000 (3000 NIMFA), three times as much! With a 3000 NIMFA loan you can buy a new token in the new ICO or immediately on the your Nimfamoney account.

Pay the loan back within 1 to 30 days by transferring 100% crypto your borrowing costs (with zero interest rate) and 10% of your profit on closing positions. I will explain how it works once again :) You must file A loan to a NIMFA token of 300% of the initial NIMFA token fund purchased on ICO then you transfer the amount of 3.3% of the loan amount It is automatically transferred to a decentralized crypto fundyou can receive 300% token on credit

And use it to buy a new company token on ICO or on the exchange you pay 100% of your loan token (0% interest rate) and a commission of 10% of your profit at closing position You repeat this procedure if you have a NIMFA token to buy new cryptocurrency at ICO company or on the stock Starting ICO, 100% of all NIMFA tokens will be distributed in this way: 10% get a team with project development; 20% sold on ICO; 5% is a gift (gift) for those who participate in the referral program; 5% is a reserve fund, from which the commission is paid: gas; 60% is to raise funds for a crypto loan in the future. Let’s make a simple calculation with you.

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