2nd Blog

We are now into the third week of school (10 days in), and I am having my Senior English classes sign up now for the Medium Blog site. Hopefully this will coordinate well with the Google Classroom page, and will be “user-friendly” for my students. I am hoping this will assist them in their journeys to their post-High School careers. Whether they will become writers or not in their chosen professions, I think there is value in publishing your thoughts. Also, students will have to consider the “professionalism” of their posts. Since we all have personal social media these days, I think it is a good experience in consideration of how we are communicating ourselves — especially when we may be representing our schools, organizations, and businesses.

I am choosing to insert the following image because I thought it was a very interesting scene. I came across this abandoned fire truck on the side of the road in Uxbridge, MA. This photo, while it spoke to me in a really cool way, may just seem like a pile of junk to someone else. I think that parallels a lot of what happens in education. I attempt to provide stimulating curriculum to students, but am aware that not everyone sees things in the same way.

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