“Everyone lies about writing. They lie about how easy it is or how hard it was.They perpetuate a romantic idea that writing is some beautiful experience that takes place in some architectural room filled with leather novels and chai tea… No one tells the truth about writing. Authors pretend their stories were always shiny and perfect and just waiting to be written. The truth is,writing is this : hard and boring and occasionally great but usually not.” ~ Amy Poehler

Writing while consciously incompetent.A writing that surrenders and acquaints itself to its own mediocrity.A writing in bleak words, superfluous conjunctions,dull sentences,unnecessary adverbs. A writing in the passive voice. A writing that ignores the elements of style on occasion and the prescribed word count. A writing prone to envy other writings that are seemingly better. A writing that doesn’t hold out for perfection but strives to achieve the ultimate state of unconscious competence.

Aaaawing at this photographer’s project capturing couples doing the cuteness in public places .

Thinking about whether my writing can be separated from by being. Should you take the artist out of the art.
 The philosophy behind the saying,“to esteem an artist is to esteem his art, not his person” sounds like an artist’s get-out-of-jail card in the monopoly version of his life.

“You know that bad people can make great art, don’t you?”
 “Yes, of course some of the people whose writing I admire the most are assholes”
 “Dickens wasn’t so nice to his wife”
 “Dickens didn’t write a memoir called I’m Nice To My Wife ”

But then again,how do I write about something in incredible detail and with a heightened sense of realism without it reading like a lengthy subtweet or a reflection of my life? Must our stories be the stories of our lives? How many lives do writers have to live ?And other conundrums that keep me up at night.

Brooding at how temporal permanence is.

Examining my feminism. A most self-critical movement. Although my experiences are unique, my struggles are way too common. My lived experience and my daily struggle make my personal very political.I would like to believe in my deliberate political undertakings without expecting people to echo me. Is it possible perhaps to believe that i’m right without needing anyone to agree?

Believing that I’m reasonably honest with myself it’s only other people I lie to.

Acknowledging how lucky I am to pick the exact book I should read at the time. Impressed by my diligence with my reading challenge. I’m way ahead of my schedule at 45 of 52, and might actually have enough time to revisit some faves. Check out my Goodreads to see what I’ve been reading.And, If you are wondering how I get through all of them,well, I’m innately a fast reader and I’ve picked up odd reading habits and rituals over time. It’s however not about how many or how fast, the reading is the thing :)

Still rolling my eyes at ‘i-don’t read’ twitter.Not reading is not cool.Also, how are we still debating about this? Why do we believe that everything is up for debate and that all debate is progressive?

Adjusting and taking note of my sleep patterns albeit odd and possibly unhealthy. Occasionally rewarding myself with afternoon naps when I get the opportunity to.

Basically that we live in a culture where how little sleep we get is like a badge of honor that somehow shows our work ethic and dedication. But what it really shows is just a profound failure of self-respect. Because sleep affects every waking moment of our lives — our moods, our receptivity, our pleasantness, and our ability to make associative connections. ~Busy Trap, Tim Kreider.

Reconciling the fact that I don’t have to show up and bear witness for relationships that are like buying a pair of jeans, taking them home and finding they don’t fit but putting up with them for the sake of appearance.
 If it feels like an awkward purse, and I know not how to hold it or where to hang it, I will put it down.

Travelling light and unencumbered in my pursuit of mindfulness.

Wide-legged posing, head on the floor level! Okay, I did that once when my Vinyasa was flowing a good one but i’m generally experiencing some growth and an ease in my practice. I’ll be showing off my prowess on the interwebs soon. Stay-tuned :”)

Suffering no fools.

Waking up without the suffocating weight of niceness. Seeing that it is very easy for niceness to be not about truth or character, but about respectability and appearances.

Learning a thing or two about shape-shifting narratives. Remembering that what is being said is totally defined by who is talking.

Patting myself on the back for my achievements thus far and my constantly evolving mind of unparalleled intelligence.I am, in some sense, winning.

Listening to the You Are Not So Smart podcast which I find completely mind blowing and you might too if the study of logical fallacies is your kind of thing.

A blog I started to explore self delusion. Like lots of people, I used to forward sensational news stories without skepticism and think I was a smarty pants just because I did a little internet research. I didn’t know about confirmation bias and self-enhancing fallacies, and once I did, I felt very, very stupid. I still feel that way, but now I can make you feel that way too.~David McRaney

Compounded by Ali Almossawi’s Bad Arguments illustrative book, the two offer a condensed and simplified outlook on logical fallacies which I think should be required reading. Notably since the ability to analyze others’ arguments can serve as a yardstick for when to withdraw from discussions that will most likely be futile.

Longing for so many things that are so far out of reach and yet trying to overcome this eagerness to get past these useless days to the next Good Part. Existing in that glorious middle that willingly embraces uncertainty.

Feeling grateful for the past tense, present-perfect, future-progressive kind of friendship I share with Naomi.Sure thing, you are loved today and you will be loved tomorrow.

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