About 3 months ago I indulged in one of the ArtCaffe meals of a sandwich served with fries. This particular sandwich is called BBQ CHICKEN IN RUSTIC CIABATTA which I believe finds it’s genesis in the bread used.

The sandwich was so good that I introduced it to my family and recently I heard my 4 yrs old asking the dad if they could go buy it.

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I was in another room and misheard her pronounce the word.

She said Ciabatta, I heard cheer factor. 🤭🤭

Well, I guess it was my creative juices in the works seeking some expression! …

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Making Progress

Last week we shared about perfection being your enemy. In the sign-off, I mentioned that I would share tips on how to make progress. Here they are.

A pivot goal is a goal that, when achieved, will make it easier to achieve all other goals or will set in motion the process of making progress and achieving all others.

Here is an example; maybe you have been developing a product for the market and you have a challenge pushing it past the finish line. You are shy to get into sales for any number of reasons. Your best option might then be to get a business coach to help you get past this block. …

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Perfection is the Enemy of Growth and Progress

In January 2020, I will be launching a training program for business start-ups to help people get the basics right from the word start. In the process of researching and building the 5 modules contained in this 5-weeks program, I have been falling into the alluring hole of perfectionism.

I’ve had to put a sticky note on my laptop to remind me one simple fact “Perfection is the Enemy of Growth and Progress”.

With 2020 beckoning, we are all reminded, almost coerced, to make the right plans, the right moves, the right contacts, and the right decisions. A process that makes me, sometimes, wonder about mistakes.

Back in primary school, mistakes were the enemy of progress. Our teachers would threaten us before an exam and you knew that you would get a spanking for every question failed. Years on, this inculcated idea, that mistakes and imperfection are our enemies, is difficult to erase from our minds as we struggle to succeed in business, raising our children, maintaining relationships and even managing ourselves as team members in the places of work.

Well, short of putting a sticky note in your frequently visited places in the house and around your working desk, here are some other ways of overcoming the limiting thought that you have to be perfect.

Compress your assignments into blocks of time

Knowing that you are working against a timer, gets you to concentrate on the task at hand exclusively. You identify what needs to be done and you go at it with everything you have. No phone calls, no texting, no social media, just you and the assignment. The biggest thing about these blocks of time is that you do not rate your excellence or how perfectly you have done the job. You rate yourself in finishing the task so that you don’t have to go back to it.

Read Widely

Books contain much wisdom and knowledge. …


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