OneDrive for Business Next-gen Sync Client updated with Office 2016 integration

Microsft announced an update for the buy office 2016 for Business Next Generation Sync Client will start rolling out today having a number of improved features based on customer comments. The announcement is made around the Office Blog by corporate v . p . for OneDrive and SharePoint Jeff Teper.

The improvements to OneDrive to Business include new capabilities for syncing, upgrades to both web and app user interfaces, and new controls for IT administrators. The entire listing of upgrades announced today includes the next:

The Pause sync and cheap windows 7 professional integration features won’t begin rolling out until come july 1st, but the remaining features announced today is going to be made available to all customers over the next 1 -2 weeks.

Today’s announcement also served like a victory lap for the microsoft office 2010 team because they were recently named among the leaders in Enterprise File Sync and Share Platforms by Forrester Research. Forrester did research evaluating 40 different criteria of various Enterprise File Sync and Share Platforms, like OneDrive for Business, and located Box, Google, Microsoft, Dropbox, IBM, and Intralinks are evident leaders. The entire report, titled Forrester Wave, can be read here.

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