Before the Storm; Knowing When to Hire a Roof Specialist From Singapore

Thunderstorms are unpredictable because even during the hottest seasons of the year, no one can actually predict when a storm is about to hit a certain location.

The best tip out there is to ALWAYS BE PREPARED with whatever situations may happen. Being cautious and aware of the storm no matter what season it is, is acceptable. It is better to be safe than sorry.

But most of the time, weather forecasts announce the weather condition especially if there is a storm approaching either a week or a couple of days before the thunderstorm arrives. Now that you are fully aware of the storm, here are some tips and preparations that might help you and your family overcome the weather condition:

1. Make an emergency plan ahead of time. List down all the things that you will need before the storm comes, places where you can stay safely, and emergency hotlines as well as the contact numbers of your loved ones. Think of all the possible situations that might happen before the storm comes. If it happens to be that you were left alone during the storm, do not panic and have everything prepared.

Know where to locate yourself. If a certain situation happens, (e.g. you were left alone at your home) contact your local emergency management agency and seek help on where you will stay for the mean time.

2. If you were asked to evacuate, bring along your go-to bag with all the stuff you need such as extra money, first aid supplies, flashlight, batteries, an umbrella, and do not forget to wear your trusty raincoat. But if you can contact someone from the family to pick you up, then please do so.

3. As for where you are living, expect as early as now that trees and branches might fell and might damage some part of your home. Secure everything ahead of time. Have someone trim or remove the trees before it causes any damages during the storm. (you do not also want to see scattered leaves and branches everywhere after the storm)

4. Expect power outage because strong winds may hit the electric post. (and pray that there won’t be any falling electric post) Purchase a portable generator just in case black out might happen. But do not depend too much on the generator. Have extra flashlights, batteries, and candles with you.

5. Charge your batteries for you to have an easier access to connect and be updated. Do not forget to also locate all your electronics, wires, and other gadgets far from where leakage may occur.

6. Speaking of leakage, no matter how strong your roof may be built, if the storm is stronger, then there are chances that the roof may be damaged a lot. Try contacting a roof specialist from Singapore or have at least a do-it-yourself roof repair in Singapore. Make sure that you have all the materials needed:

- a ladder

- fall protection kit

- lumber strips

- crowbar

- hammer and nails

- sealant

- plywood