What can an iPhone 4 do?

the way it was


  • AppStore (US/CN)
  • FaceTime (Video/Audio)
  • Whatsapp
  • SimpleNote
  • Baidu Map
  • Sogou input method
  • other iOS 5 limit: no control centre, etc.

In service

  • ShadowSocks in Cydia, a better path to cross the wall
  • double press the power button to light the flashlight
  • springboard gesture, better than iOS control centre
  • AppStore (UK)
  • iMessage
  • Built-in Google map, the main reason I stick to iOS 5
  • Find Friends (target to longitude/latitude)
  • Notesy (alternative solution to sync notes among different platforms)
  • QQ music (old version gets extra privilege)
  • Duokan

It is my very first idevice, a prison-broken iOS 5.1.1 iPhone 4, still running quite smoothly today. Since I have got such a big i-family, this handy and tiny toy is at least better than an android alien I guess. Old version apps can be downloaded through the Charles proxy tool and installed through iTunes or Tongbu assistant.

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