Here Comes A Thought: Something Entirely New

“Close your eyes.” said Garnet.

Stevonnie closed the world around them. The sunlight were just peering through their eyelids, but they tried to ignore that. The waves of the beach seemed to fade into the background, the seagulls’ cries were farther and farther away. The sand beneath their feet felt hard, the little bits of pebble cutting and grating against their skin. The gem on their belly button felt heavy, pulling them closer to the ground.

Garnet seemed to have noticed their unease. “Breathe.” she said.

Stevonnie took a great breath in. Now out, they told themselves. In. And out. Beach City was far from them now, the ocean waves collapse on to nothingness, reducing the sound to nothing.

The air felt cold, yet felt living, cutting through their skin like ice. Wait. It’s summer in Beach City now. Why would it be cold? The waves crashed again, and a darkness enveloped around them. The sun disappeared.

“Here, in the darkness, everything’s okay. Listen to the waves, and let them fade away.”

The waves started again in the background, but it was calming and less reckless, if that made any sense. The curls of water became gentle, and washed up to Stevonnie’s toes. It was delicate, timid, alive. Its tide wrapped itself on to the sands, trying to get a firm grip of it before slipping away.

“Here comes a thought.”


Stevonnie opened her eyes. They were still sitting parallel to each other, but Beach City disappeared. Ruby and Sapphire were over there, not noticing their existence.

Wait, Ruby and Sapphire? They were supposed to be fused with Garnet.

Suddenly, a swarm of gems surrounded them. Stevonnie, with a gasp of horror, realized the series of events that was about to take place.

Garnet was showing them a memory. The very first memory Garnet ever had: the one where Ruby and Sapphire fused.

Of course, the fusion was all by accident. They didn’t really mean it. Ruby just wanted to protect Sapphire from being poofed. Yet, they created the pure form of Homeworld’s hatred and atrocity: fusion between 2 different gems.



“This is unheard of!”

Blue Diamond, furious, walked up to Ruby. Her presence looming the small red gem posed danger and destruction.

“How dare you fuse with a member of my court! You will be broken for this!”

Anxiety built up in Stevonnie. Steven had seen this happen, but it was so crude. So prejudiced. They were caught in a spiral of negativity and heartbreak.

The crowd of gems suddenly turned into a swarm of butterflies. The wings were opalescent, mirroring the looks of panic and alarm in the red and blue gems. The sounds the wings made… it was pandemonium, causing rather atrocious sounds that pierced their ears in half. They surrounded Ruby and Sapphire, separating them into oblivion.

They can’t be with each other in Homeworld because it’s not accepted.

In the swirl of butterflies, Stevonnie heard the splitting cries of Ruby.

“Look at this! It’s all my fault you’re stranded here! We can’t go back now, and we have nowhere to go! We’re outlaws!

“How am I going to save you? Blue Diamond still needs you!”

The anxiety in Ruby’s voice built up, clogging her voice, choking her in confusion. The drop of a tear echoed inside the butterfly hurricane.

“They were going to break you!” shouted Sapphire, surrounded in her own butterfly cloud. The sounds of the butterflies’ wings fluttering muted abruptly.

“I may have lost my status, my position in her court.”

The butterflies dispersed, revealing a lost, but smiling Sapphire. “But you already saved me.”

But there was something different about her. Sapphire. She had a gift for prophesy and future vision. But the accidental fusion of Garnet, Ruby’s impulsive gesture… All these new barriers caused Sapphire had jumped over the track of fate, and everything was wrong… and new. She couldn’t move, she couldn’t see. She was frozen.

“Sapphire!” shouted Ruby. Her swarm of butterflies scattered as she ran straight through the clouds. Her overwhelming burden of worries and fear were suddenly relieved from her. Perhaps she just forgot of their existence. But it didn’t matter to Ruby at that moment.

“It’s okay. I’m here.” said Ruby. “Who cares about the Homeworld Gems? We’ll find out who we are. We’ll figure this all out. As Garnet.”

The ice under Sapphire melted, and she beamed at the red gem.

“So… umm… You said I was different?”

The last butterfly flew away into the clouds.


Garnet beamed back at Stevonnie.


Stevonnie saw their two halves: Steven and Connie. Connie carried a large backpack, but she grew no awareness of it.

“I’ll tell you what happened, Steven.” said Connie timidly.

“I beat up someone up.”


“A kid I don’t know.” Connie continued. “He just bumped into me in the hallway. I was so startled, my training instincts kicked in. I just reacted. I was so embarrassed, I just ran away.”

“And that moment, you’re upset. You’re worried. I know you’re not that kind of person, Connie.” said Steven, offering a hand of support.

“You just need to calm your emotion.” Steven continued. “Everyone gets anxious at times, but that doesn’t mean you should bear it constantly.”

Connie bent down, straining on the weight of her backpack. “All these little things… they seem to matter so much. They confused me.

“I was worried, Steven, I might lose you as a friend for what I did.”

A butterfly flew from Connie’s backpack. It landed on Steven’s hands.

But Steven just smiled back at Connie.

“It’s okay. I’m here.”

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