Unique Drops for OSRS Superior Slayer Encounters Poll Next Week

There will be an official poll about the unique drop for the superior slayer encounters. Now 4 proposals have drawn people’s attentions. It is possible that Jagex would pick up one of these suggestions as the unique drops. What do you think they should be?

The upcoming unique drop would be useful in the wider game.

After the initial design went out, a lot of players asked for something unique to improve the drop tables beyond just offering 3x regular loot. Fortunately, Jagex felt similar. So they decide to offer something before the release.
This could be anything from a mid tier armor set, to a single item. The drop rates would be balanced so that the higher tier slayer creatures have better chances at dropping an armor set, and the less significant pieces like boots/gloves would be dropped by the lower tier creatures. So it’s important to buy cheapest osrs gold with 50% off from RSorder to train your skills now.

It is worth to mention that the official intends to add something that would be useful in the wider game beyond just slayer though.

4 proposals of an unique drop for superior slayer encounters

Some players suggests to get emblems from superior slayer encounters to turn them into slayer points, but that would be only useful for slayer. Moreover, there are so many magic emblems already. It could not be adopted. But the following seems interesting:
First is bank clutter, especially if ach monster has an unique drops, or some sort of tiered middle ground or something.
Second is the improved leaf bladed sword from turoth, kurasks or hasta, especially if it has even greater bonuses against those monsters specifically.
Third is superior ensouled heads. It can work as an fast and expensive way to train prayer. When reanimated, it can give a hefty chunk of prayer exp. Or, people who get it once can get prayer bonus. 
The last is the return of the Vecna skull. In the past, players can activate to raise their magic level 2–11 levels. It had an infinite number of times, with a 7-minute cooldown.

What unique drops would you like to farm from superior slayer encounters? Along with the unique drops, all players have a chance to get 3X regular loot. It is quite appealing. Do you want the higher tier rewards? Buy osrs gold cheap from RSorder to train your skills now! RSorder is a safe place to buy cheap OSRS gold online, and it works 20 hours every day. If you are eager to purchase osrs gold, they can deliver it to you in 10 minutes. You deserve it!