Mini Mission 1: Analysis and reflection
Digital Society admin

After doing an analysis on my facebook account, the result as much expected. As I start to attend university, I slowly moved away from Facebook. Therefore the most often form of posts are pictures I took while traveling, resulting in most used words being “beautiful”, “amazing” and such.

This withdrew form facebook led to my friends commenting less but contacting in person more often instead. This is a good sign, meaning we’re having more meaningful conversations now.

What did surprise me was the top commented picture with 110 comments. It was a wacky photo I found funny back in highschool and my classmates really got stirred up by it. I have almost completely forgotten about it until now. It got me browsing my old posts, and from what I posted, I could identify what stage in life I was when I made a specific post, how much I have changed, and how much I have stayed the same.

Not only is social media a platform to express ourselves, but to also remind us of who we were when we look back