Innovation in Germany

GDP of Germany

Source: The World Bank

Germany has more Nobel Prize winners than any other country

Source: Evolution of National Nobel Prize Shares in the 20th Century by Jurgen Schmidhuber

Germany has more cited papers than most of the countries

Source: by Essential Science Indicators

Germany has 415 officially-recognized institutions of higher education: 106 universities, 6 colleges of education, 16 colleges of theology, 51 colleges of art, 207 universities of applied sciences, and 29 colleges of public administration. World-class research is also being conducted at hundreds of scientific institutes Source:

Source: the OECD data

Germany is of one the most attractive VC attractive countries around the globe.

VC & private equity attractive

Source: What makes a country attractive to VC investors? by Alexander P. Groh, Karsten Lieser and Heinrich Liechtenstein

In Europe, particularly, Germany ranks as the 3rd largest VC market Source: The German Venture Capital Scene — league tables of most active German VCs — part of my European VC blog series by Andrew Romans

Germany is one of the largest countries in enterprise R&D spending

BERD as a Percentage of GDP

Source: OECD data, retrieved from Industry Canada

Germany is one of the largest countries in R&D spending in the higher education sector

Source: Budget 2013 by Government of Canada
Source: Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy

BMWi stands for Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy, not the car company :-)

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