Yabuli Ski Resort White Paradise in Northeast China

Our family trip started from last month. The flight landed on Harbin Taiping Airport, my husband wrapped our son in a think blanket ‘cuz we never stepped into a city a place where the temperature is below zero. But to be honest, the weather in Harbin was not as cold as we have imagined before.

We were so lucky that we booked a hotel, and what’s more, the stuff in the hotel were so nice. Maybe tourists asked too much info about the Yabuli ski resort. We settled in the room for a while, a waiter coming in gave us a booklet which contains all the details of Yabuli ski resort. My husband and i have the same topic in skinning. So we were glad to receive the great gift.

The second morning, we got up early to wait the bus from Yabuli ski resort. The breakfast provided by the hotel was not taste. My son was reluctant to leave the warm hotel and she refused to eat the the breakfast, then we had to go out to buy some bread. There were two can milk in our package bag. Fortunately, the bus came to our hotel at 11: 00 and we could catch on.

Yabuli ski resort was surrounded by many hairy hills, which made the resort very splendid in the open air. The Mount Guokui is the peak among all the slopes. It is said the National Skinning Team were training in the site, and the slope was the longest in Asia. For most northern visitors who did not see snows before there came Yabuli ski resort.

Many local ski fans play in the terms of the rules of DIY tour. Snow Country or XueXiang, was better known Shuangfeng Farm. It is not a farm. If we had to call it farm, it must be the Snow Farm. It was the second reason for me to choose Harbin as our winter vocation destination. Not fa from Yabuli ski resort, there was the well-known Yang Cao Mountain where the sunset was beautiful.

Our son was to tired to go any further. My husband put him around his neck to make him enjoy our trip. It was a pity that we did not go to the Yang Cao Mt. According to our plan, we should go back the hotel early to have a good rest for the next day’s Harbin city tour. Our son would be a happy bird when we were to visit Harbin ice and snow world in urban Harbin.

From: http://lvpad.com/journal/Yabuli-Ski-Resort-White-Paradise-in-Northeast-China/496

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