I created a gmail user yesterday and everything was working fine, until this morning, when she suddenly was unable to receive or send emails.

It was not an Internet issue, as everyone else in our org did not experience this. It was not a browser issue. It behaved the same on different browsers and computers.

A Google Support agent suggested it was an issue with our domain. She pointed out our MX and SPF records were not configured properly with Google’s Mail servers. But I’m sure this is not the culprit because otherwise she would not be the only one…

Do you have to know how to write code in Python to run a web server?

Does your application need to be written in Python for the web server to work?

Good news for you! The answer for both questions is NO!

You can set up a web server using one line of Python command line if you have Python installed on your computer.

Python comes with a module called SimpleHTTPServer. It provides basic GET and HEAD request handlers — all you need for a basic web server!

You can write a dynamic MVC web app and serve it locally.

How to setup Python web server?

Google App Maker is a powerful way to make add-ons for Google Suite apps. It’s currently in beta but you can apply for Early Access.

It’s more than just a face-lift for the already awesome Google App Script.

I wanna play around with the sample projects , but got this error message:

Application requires Google Cloud SQL, please contact your Administrator.

“Application requires Google Cloud SQL, please contact your Administrator.”

With the help of friendly folks at the Google App Maker group, I was able to fix this.

Since the sample project requires the use of Google Cloud SQL, we need to set up a default Google Cloud SQL…

Recently I tried to do a clean re-install of an old MacBook Pro, but the command+R+power button old trick did not work its magic — the Mac refused to turn on.

The machine worked fine a while ago but were left alone untouched for a while. No liquid damage happened. So it’s unlikely caused by an external damage. What then cause the problem and how to fix it?

When pressing the Power button, there is no startup “chime” or other sound. It’s likely to be a power issue with the Mac. Doing a SMC reset could potentially resolve the issue…

We have a flow created using Process Builder which converts the contact owner to the account owner whenever it detects a change in the contact record.

We also have a Duplicate Rule in place which gives an alert when an user edits or creates a record with a potential duplicate.

Whenever an user tries to ignore the alert and save the record, the flow could throw an an unhandled fault error and prevent the record from being saved.

In the flow error monitoring email, it says, ‘This error occurred: DUPLICATES_DETECTED’

Even though in the duplicate rule setting, the option for…

I need to install and activate Office 2016 on a Mac (Mac OS Sierra). After signing in, I realized the account has reached its maximum number of allowed licenses (10) for Office 2016, so I tried to sign in to another account to activate Office.

However, it gave me an error message — “Account account from the same organization is already signed in. To switch accounts, please go to Applications/Utilities/Keychain Access, clear all entries including the office keyword and then restart the app”

Office 2016 Activation Error: Account account from the same organization is already signed in. To switch accounts, please go to Applications/Utilities/Keychain Access, clear all entries including the office keyword and then restart the app

Here is a list of what I’ve tried.

1. Delete Office/Microsoft Related Keychain entries

Go to Spotlight -> Keychain Access, search for Office(Microsoft too), right click to delete.

On our HP Printer, there is a feature called ‘Send to Email’. You can scan a document and have it sent to your email. What a basic functionality in the 21st century! But I’m having a hard time setting it up — and apparently its success came at the expense of my email security. I have to turn on ‘Allow less secure app’ in my gmail account setting to make it work!

I had mixed feelings about this. Why is it so hard to accomplish such a basic functionality? But it also gives my some sort of assurance. …

SurveyMonkey is one of the most popular survey design and distribution tool in the market. It has some robust features and an intuitive interface. But it can be tedious to manually create various collectors for a survey. Lots of the steps are repetitive, and currently there is no clone functionality.

We can leverage SurveyMonkey’s APIs to automate the collector creation process and much more.

In this demo, I will write a simple Google App Script function that creates a collector for a SurveyMonkey survey automatically.

First, you need to create a Google App Script project. …

Using data loader, we can easily swap the values of two fields in salesforce records. Simply run a report with the id and the two fields and export it in csv format. Swap the headers of the two fields on the csv file and upload it using Data Loader.

This works like a charm when both fields have values. However, if one field is empty and the other field has value. After swapping, the one with value should be empty, the empty one should have value. However, by default, the data loader will not override existing values with empty values…

Time-based workflow can be frustrating and counter-intuitive sometimes. Hopefully this article will calm your nerve down a bit when it did not behave as expected.

1. Why isn’t my Time-based workflow firing on records that meet the criteria?

Time-based workflow fires only on records created or updated after the workflow is activated. Do not expect them to work on existing records with no changes.

2. Why is my scheduled action executed after my workflow is deactivated?

Scheduled actions are still in the queue even if the workflow becomes deactivated. …

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