What an Eid Indeed!!!

The day is finally here. It’s Eid. My favorite day of the year. People all around me are wearing new clothes and eating delicious food. Today I’m very happy because I can spend this special occasion with my family and friends.

It’s 8 o’clock in the morning, mom is in the kitchen cooking shemai, a type of desert that I’m very fond of. I’m up in my room getting ready, when mom calls, “ Rifat are you still in bed?”

“I’m up and ready mom,” I call out.

I storm down the stairs to ask mom if she needs any help, but instead she tells me, “it’s okay, go have fun with your friends”. I search my home for dad and Zahin. They are nowhere to be found. I think they went to the Masque.

I wait for my friends until 9 o’clock. They are looking extremely beautiful wearing really pretty anarkalis . I go out with my friends to visit their parents. On Eid adults give kids and teenagers money as a sign of love for us. My friends and me got a lot of money and had a lot of fun eating desserts and delicious meals, meeting new people and spending Eid with our loved ones. We also visit parks and other places. Such as amusement parks where we ride on a Ferris wheel.

After coming out of the Ferris wheel I feel my hand was very light. When I look down at my hand I see that my hands are empty. I look around and ask my friends but my purse was nowhere to be found.

I panic and run, remembering the places I went in the amusement park and search for the purse. But I still can’t find it.

I stop and catch my breath. I am standing in front of the merry go round. There is a bench beside the ride. I call to my friends and we sit there.

I’m thinking of the places where I could have dropped my purse, when Avira calls out, “Hey isn’t that your purse?” I look up and my eyes fell on the kid who is walking with purse just like mine.

He is holding it very tightly, like someone might snatch it from him. Before I could think of anything else I starting running. The boy must have noticed me because he starts running as well.

My friends are running after me and screaming calling names. The boy is starting speed up. Now we are out of the amusement park running into an alley near a cafe. It is dark, so I have to stop and blink a few times for my eyes to adjust. It might have only taken a few seconds, but the boy takes advantage of it and disappeared.

As I go further the into the alley I notice a speck of light. “Rifat don’t go in there. It’s dangerous,” Talia said.

“I don’t care. I’m getting my purse no matter what.” I follow the light, which leads me to a dead end.

Around the corner, I spot my purse thief. Standing there with the widest grin I have ever seen. Like he knew something I didn’t. As soon as I start toward the boy, someone grabs my arm and I stumble. I look behind and see a boy about age with a fierce look. Now that I remember I don’t see any of my friends here. How could they abandon me? Aren’t they supposed to be best friends? I push down all of my thoughts and focus on my present situation.

“You, come with me!” spoke the boy holding my arm even tighter.

“No, let me go”, I holler. I try to punch him with my free hand and break free. But it proves useless. He also grips my other arm and starts to pull me.

No matter what I do I can’t escape. Where is he taking me? What is he going to do with me? The fantasies that are running through my mind right now are not pleasant. I look up and the boy is pulling me toward a locked door. He lets go of my right arm and pulls out a key. Unlocks the door and pushes me into the room and locks the door from the outside.

I look around the room. It’s totally empty. Except for a really huge closet. Enough to hold two or three people my size. I turn around to direct my attention toward the door. In my head I’m going through numerous escape plans-

“ZOMBIES!!!” I jumped. Chills running all over my body. Trembling I turn around I see my friends cracking up.

“Rifat just look at your face,” said Talia still laughing hard.

“It was a prank?” I asked just to make sure.

“Of course it was,” said Avira in the between her chuckles.

“You know you guys were almost about send me to my grave.”

“That was our intention,” said Avira grinning.

“Who were those guys?” I ask.

“Oh the one who stole your purse is Zack and the one who locked you here was Eli,” said Talia. Oh, I remember those names. So that’s why they wouldn’t let me meet their boyfriends.

Now I join them in their celebration, giving them a tight hug. I’ll have to devise a better one next time. A prank that will give them nightmares for years to come.

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