Helping You To Achieve Your Dreams

All of us have ideas. We wish to make it big someday. But we do not know how. Now we have someone who understands this well and can help us to make our dreams come true. launched their 3 Day Discovery course on 18 Nov, Friday. This is an online course that is designed to help you to make your ideas real. It is a free program with duration of only 3 days. During this time, they helped over 800 participants from 70 different countries to start building upon their dreams.

Another thing to note here is that during those 3 Days, nearly 50% of the participants were women. Hence, has become a major player in the equality mission.

The aim of their exercise is that they wish to democratize entrepreneurship. They believe that everyone in this world should become capable of developing their own ideas. This is going to create a massive positive impact on the planet.

In order to get access to this online course, 3 forms of passes are available. These are

- Free

- $49

- $99

As you can see, the prices are very low. This is because feels that money should not be a barrier here in letting you start.

It is the content of this online course that makes all the difference. World class speakers have provided this content. These include Scott Amyx (IOT Expert), Evan Luthra (Serial entrepreneur and business angel), Justin Lafazan (Cofounder of the Next Gen Summit), Laura Roeder (Cofounder of MeetEdgar), Khuram Malik (Cofounder of Stratagem), Adam Cheyer (Cofounder of Siri), Anna Lundberg (Personal coach), and Angel Ponsford..

Visit here to know more about these coaches.

This is not all. There are a lot of amazing partners who can help you by supporting. These include .Me (you will be given one .Me domain), Toptal (using $2000 allows you a credit of $2000)

Other partners include Pozible, which is the major crowdfunding platform in Australia; and there is Venture Predict to give you a valuation of your idea!

Hence you are at the helm of all possibilities as you get surrounded with a like-minded community and are able to follow a great methodology. Not only that, now you have the option to become a partner with us as you spread the word around in your community and get commission too!