Why you should believe there is life after death

Even if there isn’t.

Why you should believe there is life after death.

I’m not saying there is life after death. And I’m definitely not saying something about what kind of life there is after death. What I do say is that you should believe that there is some form of life after death.

Achieve happiness

Let’s start with a hypothese. Let’s say that the ultimate goal in life is to achieve happiness. We don’t know whether that’s true or not, but it is an easy goal to imagine and it gives us a nice starting point.

Achieve happiness might not seem that difficult. There is a lot of things you can do to achieve happiness. You could, for example, buy a couple of bottles of wine, put some music on, invite some friends and start drinking and dancing. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

But then you wake up next morning. You have a major headache. You’re boss calls in to tell you that you’re fired for another no-show and you start to get into trouble. Doesn’t sound so good anymore. You started happy, but you didn’t end up happy. So if happiness was the ultimate goal, you failed.

Therefore, if there is a goal to go after to (which in itself is also debatable) one should focus on long term as well on short term.

Let’s say long term is one week. Would that be a good strategy? No, because actions might get you in trouble, but not within one week. For example, you could buy a house that you can’t afford. Or you could accept a job that doesn’t fit with your believes. Next week is important, but the longer term is important as well.


Let’s say long term is eternity. That’s interesting, because we don’t know so much about eternity. We don’t even know if it exists for us or not. What if there is no life after death. Then it could be a waste of effort to focus on eternity. However, if there is life after death and if that is eternal, then we should take eternity into consideration with planning our actions. If there is a life after death, but being dead means your capability to handle with it is far more limited, then you should definitely take eternity into consideration with your actions. This may or may not be the case, because we don’t know anything about how and if we will perceive life when we are dead.

Now there is a funny thing about eternity. It’s a very long time. It’s even that long, that a lifetime means absolutely nothing to eternity in means of timespan. So if we should deal with eternity, we must enter that eternity well prepared. Of course, we still don’t know if we will or won’t have to deal with eternity.

What if the chance that we will have to deal with eternity is very very small. Because eternity is so unimaginable long, the possible impact is so unimaginable big to us, that it is wiser to believe that there is eternity. That’s why, as long as we cannot fully rule out that we have to deal with deal with eternity, we should better believe that there is a life after death. Even if there isn’t, because we can’t know that with a hundred percent certainty and the impact on us when there is an eternity is simply too big.

Become your goal

So if you truly believe happiness is the ultimate goal. You should work on getting into a sort of eternal state of happiness. When the day comes that you enter eternity, happiness is what you are. So whatever goal you strive for, it’s not about achieving that goal, but about becoming that goal. Because there is life after death, of so you should believe.

The good news is that if you did become your goal and there is no life after death, then you do not have to worry about that either.

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