I am what I eat! Organic food: trend or lifestyle?

Over the last few years, there has been an organic trend in nutrition in many countries all over the world. When this trend started, many people thought this was a trend that would be short-lived. However, it has surpassed this term and is now considered a lifestyle because more people are incorporating organic food into their diets.

But why did it become so popular?

Many people consider the consumption of organic food to be beneficial not only to our own bodies but also to family members, farmers, the environment, and neighbors.

Primarily, organic food is friendly with the environment, many have become conscious about preserving the environment; so organic food is a good alternative to contribute to the conservation of it. Organic food contributes to the decontamination of water, air, and land.

However, organic foods are grown under many strict controls, and not all the products are considered organic. Organic products are fertilized with green manure, all natural and without altering their nutritional value of the products.

Some amazing attributes of these products include higher percentages of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals compared to products that are not designated as “organic.” Also, they are considered to be products of higher quality as they contain good proteins and antioxidants.

These products are grown without the use of any harmful drugs, hormones, or synthetic chemicals, which are not good for the body.

How does one recognize organic products?

They usually have a colorful appearance, a great aroma, and they have a fresh taste.

How many times have you heard one of your friends say, “I am what I eat!”?

I have many friends that started with the organic trend some years ago, and they have told me how wonderful the benefits of eating organic food have contributed positively to their lives. They convinced me with some of the arguments I have mentioned. So, I also decided to incorporate organic products into my diet to have a better quality of life, which means eating organic products, with no harmful chemicals.

Would you give it a chance?

You can complement your organic diet with a refreshing beverage!

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