Deconstructing the tolerance paradox: why Conservatives’ go-to line is garbage.
Parker Molloy

Conservatives are claiming they wont tolerate islams intolerance. Liberals are claiming they wont tolerate this intolerance themselves. In my opinion, the only logical application of Poppers conclusions (AKA don’t tolerate intolerants) would be that cons and libs ally to not tolerate the intolerant islamism. That is provided that islam is intolerant, which I think it is.

Any other course of action gets stuck in a loop. Say 3 people, 2 tolerants and 1 intolerant are together. The tolerants won’t allow for intolerance to flourish, so one of the two is first to not tolerate the intolerant. The remaining tolerant actor, from his point of view, is now seeing two intolerants: the self declared intolerant, and the tolerant guy, which is now intolerant by virtue of not wanting to tolerate the intolerant. This remaining fellow has to make a choice to side between two intolerant. the rational choice would be to ally the tolerant guy against the intolerant. If he does otherwise, the group would be locked in an infinite loop.

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