Urban Street Window Works 2019

(I wrote this up today. This is a letter we are sending out to our business clients. Maybe not pertinent to your life in any way — that’s assuming my other writings have been — but I did write it, and I think you can get some insight into something from it — maybe.)

What’s in store in 2019.

How we are caring for you….

Pricing. We have not raised prices once during our 6 years, and we still aren’t planning on it this year either. I either could be a terrible businessman, or my thoughts on efficiency have been paying off. You see, we haven’t raised prices in 6 years because we’ve made that up in efficiency through density. As we’ve added more clients, we’ve reduced our travel time in between jobs. I always tell our techs, “We are only making money when our squeegees are on glass.” Although we all love riding our Bullitt cargo bikes, you do not pay us to ride but to clean (if you have an idea how we can make money riding then please let me know).

Here’s a little change we are making in regards to payment though…

I don’t know about your business, but we’ve struggled with collecting money for our services. We’re working on it, but still haven’t figured out the best way…YET! But here’s what we are trying this year — we are moving to charging your credit card after EACH CLEAN. In the past we’ve charged your credit card or sent an invoice for your monthly service at the end of the month. We think this will help in two ways:

  1. Less confusion for you. We clean. We notify. We charge. Pretty straightforward we think. And we’re bringing it back a little old school when you used to just hand your window cleaner cash from your petty cash drawer after every clean. We don’t want your cash (because we ride bikes), but we want your money for the service we provide you.
  2. A little better cash flow for us. As you know, running a business and paying all the bills can be tough. We’ve done an OK job of that over the years, but we’d like a little more breathing room throughout the month. If we collect daily and shorten the time from service to payment, this will help us out a bunch!

Here’s how you can help us…

Put a credit card on file. You won’t have to worry about paying your bill. We’ll take care of it for you. And if your business policy does not permit you to do that, then please abide by our Net 30 payment terms. Just keep an eye out for a few more invoices.

Tell your neighbors. As I mentioned earlier, the more businesses we have on the same block, the more efficient we are, the more we don’t have to raise pricing. I think that is a WIN/WIN! Tell your neighbor and we’ll take care of them — you know we will.

Here’s how we are helping our city….

We love Chicago! What a world class city. But there are problems for sure. Here’s how we are trying to make it better:

  • Continue to ride our cargo bikes. We’ve been riding for all of our six years. We love it. It is good for our techs (they have the best cardio), and it is good for our air (reduced carbon emissions). One thing we haven’t done is keep track of our ride data. So this year we’ll be tracking every mile and all the CO2 we are reducing by doing so. Our environment needs it!
  • We are partnering with Future Steps to provide at-risk, under-served Chicago youth with work internship and employment opportunities. We couldn’t be more excited to take this first step towards our hope to launch our L.I.F.T. 1- year entrepreneurial internships to at-risk graduated seniors. Keep and eye out for these great students!

We are hopeful, energetic, and excited for this coming year to unfold for Urban Street Window Works and for your business as well. We’re all in this together, so don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or needs.