Bots of Disillusionment on Blogger

Like me, you may be excited about the web traffic that you have been attracting to your Blogger site, thinking that you are finally getting some attention online. However, the reality is far from the truth! I posted about bots infestation on my Blogger site a couple of months back but I was not able to confirm the numbers or the extend of the infestation until last night. Yesterday, I decided to finally support a feature that most domain registry provider have, domain forwarding. In the past, there was no way to implement the machine learning service (MB™) that I have created to fight spam bots and preempt web attacks on sites like Blogger. Everything changed yesterday when I released support for domain forwarding. Now, it is finally possible to implement MB™ on my Blogger site without having to do any coding.
 The results will surprise you! I was actually shocked at the extend of the infestation. Below is a chart that I took from my Blogger dashboard. I implemented the domain forwarding deployment on my Blogger site at around 11pm. Then I waited to see what MB™ caught in the quarantine process. Here is the results.

For almost 9 hours, MB™ fought and quarantined approximately 90% of all my web traffic landing on my Blogger site (this blog that you are reading). In fact, MB™ send out a notification to my email notifying me of the spike in traffic at about 5am in the morning urging me to go take a look at the web traffic data. MB™ tracks the web traffic data and only notifies the site owner when the anomaly roughly exceeds the normal 80 percentile range on a 24 hour period. Below is a sample of the data that MB™ reported from 6am to 8am. Out of these 2 data sets, only 1 in 10 data points are ‘Possibly Human’. My hopes of a famous blog site is now utterly crashed!

There are more bot data on my Blogger site than I have seen on my project site. I was happy to be able to collect new data for analysis but I am ultimately disillusioned that my digital marketing efforts are driving not humans but bots. The next time you see spikes in your traffic, don’t be too happy because unless you can verify the quality of the web traffic, you are probably just getting the attention of bots, thieves, hackers and spammers.

What the hell is wrong with our Internet!!!

Originally published at on August 30, 2016.