My first steps in game development

Today I’d like to tell you a little bit about how it all began, and how I happened to come into the world of #gamedev.

Olia Fe
Olia Fe
Jul 8 · 3 min read

The idea of creating my first game came up in 2016. At that time, my head was spinning around game mechanics, while my body was holding an administrative position in an art institute. I spent all my days in the midst of beauty: students running around with their projects, showing sketches, telling stories about their characters; while I stayed sitting in the secretary’s chair in front of the rector’s office 🤦♀

Surrounded by all this beauty, yet not being able to create — That’s scary. I was eerily excited about my own project, and I made a decision to use the resources that were available. And they were damn little!

I always thought that games should be beautiful and inspiring. And so without any mechanics, without any idea, without anything I fell into the legs of my sister, who at the time drew small commissions (paid illustrations ordered by individuals) and asked for help. My sis has already been doing a great job at drawing, while constantly improving and challenging herself. Once she showed me a redhead girl with a sandwich, that she drew with felt-tip pens. At the bottom, there was an inscription “KOLBASKA” (“Little Sausage”). That’s how I had a brainwave of the game that I for the first time tried to implement.

However, this is not a success story, but my first try in gaming while being inspired by a single art. I further dug into literature, got acquainted with various players on the forums, actively read the habr. My sis and I used to go to conferences, I showed our “Little Sausage” to my friends, meanwhile pegging away on mechanics. It was supposed to be a platformer with simultaneous control of two heroes, but my managerial career didn’t happen then. Although, we even had a resemblance of a team: a concept artist, a level designer, a developer at Unity and a manager.

But as said before, this was not a success story. The level-designer was taken into the army, the developer leaped into the student life, and my sister finished school and went for studies abroad. Thus, my first managerial role in the #gamedevelopment went in vain…

And now, three years later, I’m working on my big game here — The Altar. This time I am equipped with knowledge from my fucked-up experience, have more resources at my disposal, and last but not least — a stable team. Bearing all this in mind, I am keenly interested to share and discuss it all with gamedevs — both newbies and professionals.

In the next post we’ll talk about how to gather a team and what kind of experts are needed to develop a video game.

Stay in touch ;)

Olia Fe

Olia Fe

дева из геймдева

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