Sales Bots — your beasts of burden

Through the rise of the internet and online chat, the way people prefer to interact with businesses has tremendously been impacted. People are craving instant gratification and that is exactly when the topic of chatbots come in handy. Chatbots give the power to surpass a person’s goals by presenting them a fast and effortless way to connect with a company. Now, with the uprise of sales bots, buyers can get answers within seconds. Haven’t you heard, humans are overrated anyways! These bots can act as your personal virtual assistants answering your questions and getting leads for your company. They essentially…

Of course all of us have used chatbots on different banking websites, perhaps some customer service sites…

  1. Old age Companion

But do you know your chatbot could very well be your companion in your old age. Start training your companion today.

2. Sales bot

The bot can politely and tirelessly ask the new prospect a bunch of questions, possibly qualify the prospect and send these prospects to your CRM.

3. Alzheimer patient’s buddy

When short term memory is erased, the same questions can keep coming at you. …

Chatbots serve as concierges. Some work the help section answering FAQs a.k.a frequently asked questions. Some work the sales area 1. capturing a prospect’s email, name and conversation, 2. qualifying the prospect and 3. uploading the prospect information into a CRM which in turn will take the prospect through the sales funnel. Apart from the sales bots, we have marketing bots that provide information about the product’s features, pricing etc. Last but not least, the chatbot can don yet another personality — the customer service bot taking requests, registering complaints or issues, assigning agents to the request, and helping customer check on status of a request. Now what if you had a four in one chatbot that could do all of the above for a company without breaking a sweat? Ask us at about our All-in-one bot.

The world is a much better place with chatbots that have taken the drudgery out of a concierge’s job allowing room for more creative thinking by humans. Let the bots do all the mundane work. Today chatbots thanks to neural networks and AI can glean a user’s intent and respond almost like a human. I venture to say chatbots respond better than a human would, because chatbots don’t get tired, don’t get irritated, don’t get bored and hmm don’t cost a pretty penny. Lets make this world a better place with chatbots.

Usha Kizhakekara

Founder of 247Jeeves by Wanteet, Inc.

The outlier marketplaces e.g. airbnb, were born from difficult situations viewed as opportunities.

I love the airbnb story where the founders could not afford the rent in San Francisco. They rented out 3 air mattresses to pay the rent and the idea was born.

Uber had a similar situation. The founders were having trouble hailing a cab in Paris. While they were looking it dawned on them that this would have been so simple had there been an app where they could tap a button and ask for a ride.

In both these examples, the founders converted their difficult situations to opportunities like true founders.

When you are having a rough day, shine your light and find your opportunity in disguise.


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