Anxiety is no fun

Anxiety is no fun when all you wanted was a nice meal but all you could do is cry at the plate of overturned food you dropped on the floor.

Anxiety is no fun when you wanted new friends but there were SO MANY NEW PEOPLE you thought the most rational thing to do is hiding in the toilet

Anxiety is no fun when all you wanted was to get on the train but you froze and felt like the worst person when you forgot where your card went.

And it isn’t any fun when your friends are shocked when you burst into tears after they give you the nicest surprise

A phone call

Ordering food in a line

Things that don’t exactly go according to plan.

Expressing your opinions

Choosing a new outfit

Getting a perfect eyeliner

These are all no fun when I am my anxiety.

But I’m not my anxiety.

My anxiety does not define me.

And that is what I have been trying to tell myself when it is never fun.

I will get there someday I think. I hope.

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