A bit of blessing

To all those lost souls in search of guidance, I bless upon you the lyrics of songs:

· When you feel the stings of peer pressure, ‘Return to Innocence’ will show you to never forget to just, be yourself.

· When someone is trying to control everything about you, ‘It’s my life’, will empower you and remind you that you only live once.

· When you’re contemplating whether or not to live, ‘Somewhere over the rainbow’ will make you realise that the better place is where you are and not somewhere out there in nothingness.

· When you have a crappy day, with the lyrics of ‘It’s a beautiful day’, you’ll be able to comprehend how there is something good happening all the time, even if it isn’t to you.

· When you’re waiting for your knight in shining armour to come save you, ‘Hero’ helps you understand that the saviour of you is you and no one else.

· And lastly, if ‘Eye of the tiger’ can’t get you moving and jumping, at least the lyrics of ‘What’s my name’ will get you to fall of your bed laughing really hard.