Important Scars, A tribute

So confused about what to write,
Lying on my bed, feeling not so very bright.
Time’s flying by quicker & quicker,
As I start thinking about posts on Facebook and Twitter.

She was everything anyone wanted to be,
Perfect hair, teeth, body & life,
Definitely not like me.
Her family loved her so very much,
Yet she ended her life, without as much as a pause or a thought.

It made me reminisce about my past doings,
Though here I am, living tall & strong.
It’s definitely a difficult topic to talk about,
Especially when people are making fun of her & her reason for carrying it out.

A selfish & cowardly thing to do nonetheless,
But does that mean she doesn’t deserve any respect?
Hanging from the fan, only she knew what she was thinking.
Her brother finding her in that state,
Isn’t it so horrifying?

I wish I knew you well,
Maybe I could have shared some ill-experienced light.
That wasn’t the way to go dear friend,
Have you started to miss your life?

Don’t let this act dishearten you,
You already made up for it, by getting out of the ambition queue.
A lot of people feel the way you did,
Maybe now they’ll rethink motives, the way we wish you had.

We will miss you dear friend,
One less exuberant hockey player on the field,
One less beautiful soul on the ramp,
One less thoughtful friend to lean on,
One less daughter who will be dearly missed,
& One less human being in our judgmental world.

-Nivedita Rao

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