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Example —

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That’s it. No earning limits, no purchase required. Weekly reports and payouts via Paypal, Payoneer or check in United States.


Artificial Intelligence cannot be created, so why is the term being abused by scientists and computer engineers

  • Artificial Intelligence cannot be created
  • Machines cannot be taught in the same manner as children after a certain point due to inherent problems with self awareness and decision making
  • Theoretically possible to already create a “Knowledge” base greater than all human knowledge combined
  • Theoretically possible to Pass Turing’s test with this “Knowledge” base 100% of the time
  • Machines will never be capable of Original Learning
  • Computer Neural Networks cannot match the processing power of the brain
  • Machine Intelligence and Deep Learning is being…

WANT Marketplaces ICO

Guide and FAQs on the WNTU — WANT Marketplaces Utility Token ICO —

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