Top Rated High Paying Referral Program — Want Marketplaces

Today we announce the launch of our high paying referral program for Want Marketplaces.

Earn $100 per referral with a Bonus of $100 on your first referral. Weekly payouts via Paypal, Payoneer and check.

To start earning, simply share the link for our app. Here is what the link looks like: your email here

Example —

Add a hashtag #WantBusiness if you are sharing your referral link on FB, Twitter or on other affiliate marketing sites, groups.

That’s it. No earning limits, no purchase required. Weekly reports and payouts via Paypal, Payoneer or check in United States.

Want Business App is only available in the United States, so make sure your targeted users are in the United States.

Want to earn even more?

Share the link for our Global B2B Marketplace and earn $200 per referral with a $200 Bonus on your first referral. That’s $400! unlimited referrals, weekly payouts. your email here

Example —

This app is available globally, so your targeted users could be in any country.

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