WNTU ICO Open — Buying Instructions

WANT Marketplaces ICO
Sep 28 · 1 min read

Buying Instructions for Want Marketplaces Utility Token (WNTU)

  1. Use a ERC-20 Compatible Wallet. MyEthereumWallet is Best.
  2. Send ETH to WNTU Sale Address 0x91262a8Eb673256306F9AC8cc41f61C59ede517D
  3. Minimum 0.5ETH. No Maximum.
  4. Set Gas Limit to 100,000. Gas Price to 15 gwei.
  5. 1ETH = 450 WNTU. Price set at $0.40 per WNTU based on ETH at $180.
  6. WNTU Tokens are delivered to your Wallet automatically.
  7. If you do not see your WNTU in wallet, you may need to click Add Custom Token -> Add WNTU Token Contract “0xA3Abac46f5C4F8Ee2e7e61b7DEa5f0bdF2254163” -> Symbol — WNTU and Decimals — 18.
  8. We will list WNTU on popular exchanges when Sales exceed $1M in total.

Another Way to Purchase

Directly via the Smart Contract Dapp Page with Metamask by using “buyTokens”https://etherscan.io/dapp/0x91262a8eb673256306f9ac8cc41f61c59ede517d#writeContract

Connect to Web3 -> Enter Amount of ETH -> Your Wallet Address -> Write

Thank you for your trust in Want Marketplaces. We hope you will shortly enjoy transacting on our Crypto marketplace and exchange — Road market.

WANT Marketplaces ICO

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Guide and FAQs on the WNTU — WANT Marketplaces Utility Token ICO — https://benipal.com

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