This is an app for both iOS device with AR support and Microsoft HoloLens and it allows you to explore the information and understand the history of the renowned Hawkinson’s Bear (Stuart Collection) in the Warren College at UCSD.

It is a project launched by me and Dr. Ali Sarvghard at the Ubicomp Lab at UCSD. Our initial goal is to explore the interaction and design challenges in mixed reality environment in regard to information visualization. …


This project implemented the mesh simplification algorithm based on on the Quadric error metric paper by Garland and Heckbert in SIGGRAPH 97. We also created a demo of progressive meshes based on [Hoppe, SIGGRAPH 96]. The data structure of our mesh simplification system is based on modified face-vertex adjacency list. This write-up will introduce the different ways of interactions to control the rendered model and the process of mesh simplification and progressive mesh.

Download executable for Windows:

Compilation and Run


Our program is implemented with C++ and OpenGL in Visual Studio. Therefore, we provided a visual studio solution that can directly be compiled by setting the “Solution Configuration” to Release and “Solution Platform” to x86. …


Wanze (Russell) Xie

Software Engineer, XR Developer

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