Holo Bear Tour Mixed Reality App

This is an app for both iOS device with AR support and Microsoft HoloLens and it allows you to explore the information and understand the history of the renowned Hawkinson’s Bear (Stuart Collection) in the Warren College at UCSD.

It is a project launched by me and Dr. Ali Sarvghard at the Ubicomp Lab at UCSD. Our initial goal is to explore the interaction and design challenges in mixed reality environment in regard to information visualization. The platforms we are using for this research are Microsoft HoloLens and we are using handheld iOS device that supports ARkit to compare the difference of experience.

We are interested in understanding the effects of the spatial envelope parameters in mixed reality and investigating embedded interaction model to support information visualization and manipulation in AR/VR setting. This application is one of our recent effort that demos the ability of embedding information in mixed reality in an outdoor setting.

Following is a picture of this app in action, and we are seeking into implementing this embedded visualization for all Stuart Collections in the UCSD campus and hopefully can serve as a virtual guide for any audience who is interested in learning about story behind these artworks.

Holo Bear Tour App in Action

We also present a short video demo that records part of the mixed reality tour on HoloLens, including the audio feedback to user actions throughout the experience.

Stay tuned :)