#FormFollowFunction — Pursue Timeless

Whenever I want to buy a fashion item, I often ask myself these fundamental questions:

“Is this still cool enough in the next few years?”
“Is this essential and easy enough to be paired with my other clothes?”
“Am I confident to wear this?”

Should the two out of three answers is positive, then possibly I will proceed to purchase the item.

Timeless is the keyword.

I love it when a pair of shoes are always valid from decades ago until now.

I love it when a certain model could be the pioneer for all.

I love it when a denim jacket is worn by a father and still have a meaning for his daughter.

Chuck 70’s is a re-defined silhouette that becomes very essential over the years / src:size.

Especially for you who have a limited budget, when you need to buy things that will last for good and endure the fashion trend, pursuing timeless item is the best you can do. Your choice might be not too loud, but it’s so essential and it will not go wrong.

You gotta gave one high quality denim jacket which will last for 5–10 years at least. One of timeless icon/src:heddels.

Pursue timeless is a mindset.

Pursue timeless must not limit you exploring about fashion world and your own style.

Pursue timeless, in a way, gonna make you buy smarter, and make you look proper at least.

Pursue timeless, is for your own good.

Form Follow Function — is a series where I specifically write about my personal take of dynamic wave about style & fashion industry.