A Trip to Remember.

We start our session based on leadership on saturday morning. After the amazing session we planned to go for trip to old lahore together.

Amal Campus Last day

After the session we start journey to old lahore firstly at Badshahi masjid with all fellows. It is very amazing and informative trip for me. I have been to the mosque many times but that day was very different and exciting. Everyone was extra energetic and glad to be there with all. A day before trip, I was thinking that we will not enjoy much visiting a place; we have been visiting since childhood. But I was wrong, as we had an amazing time with the amazing fellows taking selfies everywhere and teasing each other just for fun.

Badshahi Mosque

After reaching to the badshahi masjid we are divided into different groups and study the places history. I learned a lot by listening to my fellow fellows’ research and through the information provided by the tour guide. Being a tour guide allowed me to research these places before the visit and having that knowledge made me more interested to listen to the tour guide too.

I am amazed to hear about the history of badshahi mosque. I learnt a lot from this tour. We were surprised to actually hear each other from a long distance without any gadget.

I think this session has to do with maintaining work/life balance because we had spent 3 months only on learning maximum from the fellowship but this recreational tour had made our whole journey of 3 months the best part of our life. We had enjoyed a lot and besides learning we also learn the art of learning from small things and also how we can become a leader without having an authority to lead.

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