Child Abduction in Lahore

Child abduction in Lahore

Street crimes have risen in recent times so are the incidents of kidnappings. Nowadays there is a big issue prevailing in different cities especially in Lahore of “Kidnapping of Children”. Lahore is witnessing an alarming increase in child abductions. More than 1800 innocent children have been kidnapped in Punjab. They are stealing organs of children that’s really a worse condition. It’s not just a group, it’s a Mafia. No Mafia can steal Organs without Help of Qualified Surgeons. They definitely have a team of doctors who knows how to preserve organs. If they are selling to hospitals, government should raid all hospitals, big or small to see when and how they collected existing organs. If they are exporting or smuggling, some of our custom and police is involved

There is not much that the police department can do in this regard. What the police can do is to book a case, and give their best to the investigation to apprehend criminals in whose hands innocent children running away. The police department cannot hide behind the report, and must do more to eliminate or at least control this most heinous crime. We have to take steps to protect our children. Try to keep children at home. Don’t let them go outside alone and without need. Everyone that while driving, please have a look on every child sitting in cars, motorbike, rickshaw, taxi, vans, buses, auto rickshaws or even in ambulance. Try to judge the situation if you see any child crying badly. We need to get these people as till now there are over 981 Children have been kidnapped in Lahore in last 1.5 months and around 1800 children in Punjab. Together we can get these kidnappers and as a responsible citizen, it is our duty to act.

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