A mentor is a person who facilitates us in every aspect of our life. He is the most trusted person among our circle.

Life is not a bed of flowers, there are thorns in the form of tests, challenges, hurdles and trials in everyone of us life. More often there was a time when I needed a good suggestion from someone, someone who could guide me in right direction. I have a lot of friends but Arslan Rao is one of the most dearest person to me whose suggestions more likely touch my heart and he is like my mentor.

I still remember when I am not working hard; not prepared my exams and assignment very well during my graduation. The only person who guided me; told me the purpose of my admission in that field; and helping me is only Arslan Rao. After that I worked hard and MASHALLAH got 3.78 CGPA. There is a big hand of my mentor in my success who gave me courage at that time. Still he is with me and I can share everything with him. He understands me very well and always give me useful tips for my career.

I think everyone should have a mentor in his life. It is necessary because to get success in life we must have a mentor.

“ Successful people never reach their goals alone”.

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