Diverse purposes of life

We have different objectives and purposes of life. And similarly every one of us has different purposes, objectives and goals in life. Even people living in a same house or family does not have same purposes of life as all limbs and fingers are not alike. Then how can people from different circumstances and even from different families can have same purposes and goals. These are the key points that distinguish us from others. I found some people of my network and found out their purposes of life.

Hania shared with me that she wants to become expert in cooking for which she will take classes from “Sanat Zar”

Ali want to start his own business of export and also to do study further in MBA

Haseeb is planning to do CA after BBA Hons. He will apply in well-known institute like; SKANS etc.

So, everybody has diverse aims in life and they all are passionate for accomplishing their aims with attention, hard work, uniformity and assurance. By finding others purpose of life, I also found my purpose of life and that is to assist my family and formerly start a project of education for poor people’s children. This experience was great for me because it helped me to find out my purpose of life.

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