You’re wrong about Second Amendment rights
Gene Yoon

Plenty of people have said the same thing. I will just repeat with some extra examples. Look at what rights ACE has provided to Chinese, and North Korean populations and Saudi women. While the Afghan, and tribal people in general hold a certain kind of autonomy found nowhere else.

It is ground truth that your Bitcoin, Tor browser and TLS private key will not help with a gun pointed to your head. One of the basic lessons in computer security is that physical trumps everything else. That’s why you put a black tape on your webcam.

Your assumption that rebellions are powerless in the face of modern national militaries is absolutely false. To the contrary. Counterinsurgency is the most difficult job for any organized fighting force. While you can argue over the kind and scale of weapons that have to be open to private ownership, there is no question that the second amendment protects the right to physical weapons. ACE is speech and privacy, other articles cover that.

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