The Best thing by which you can win hearts of the people…

What is the biggest challenge that people face when remembering names?

People think that they have no time to remember names of the people. They think they are very busy and they think that they don’t need to remember the name as they don’t know how important it is for a person when we call him by his first name.

What are some practical ways to remember names?

There are following ways to remember names of others:

  • To write them down and to read them again and again and memorize them.
  • To associate the names with appearance,face and personality of that person.
  • To associate the names with the names of the people we are very well known and have the same names.
  • To write them with their complete address and the place where you met with them.

What is an example from your life about how you remember names?

I remember names by associating their names with the people having same name and are well known to me. I also used to save contact numbers with the complete address and the hints by which i can easily get them

An Easy Way To Become A Good Conversationalist

Conversation is never a one sided thing rather it is based upon the proper feedback from the person you are communicating with. The more you make the conversation enjoyable, the better it is. Conversation is all about listening and if you are attentive to the person you are talking with the better the conversation goes as they say you are being given two ears to listen and one tongue to speak for a particular reason. We can make conversation better by good use of posture, gestures and a smile on the face.