Khudi and Self Learning

Choose one example where Edhi sb embraces or uses one of Amal’s Principles of Progress

Well there is an example from Edhi sb’s life, where Edhi sb embraced or used the one of the Amal’s principles of progress and that was “Khudi” having self believe in them, while racing with their friends they always won the race. Where he also said that his friends vetoed/banned him and they had to compromise on another game. He quoted that “I hated failure and knew that success was synonymous with effort, by which I believed I could win.” This shows that he had will power and self believe in himself that and it always lead him to win the race.

Well I think in some manners this is also related to my story that shows that it also implemented on myself/on my story.

Well it was the self believe in me that I have done my engineering. I had limited resources and also even failed in my engineering entrance test, what made me give it a chance again was my will power we can call it khudi . Even after failing one time it even increased my morale to give that entrance with complete preparations one more time. And yeah I have passed it with good marks and got admission in a Govt. engineering institute. Well this is my short story.

And what I have learned from Edhi sb story that is never give up. Your ideas may seems to be smaller to others but for you these are whole. And yeah always believe in yourself and keep reminding yourself that you are here for some purpose.

2. #Juststart Project

Well my goal was to get admission in abroad on scholarship for further or Master’s study.

Question is why I want to achieve this, this is because I want to get my Master’s degree from any abroad university because their rankings are high and I just don’t want to sit up on my bachelor’s

degree , and I believe by getting degree from a well renown university will increase my chances on getting job in an reputed company or I am preferred over someone’s have bachelor’s degree.

The challenges I have faced in my past were personal as well as unawareness of certain opportunities. Like initially when the scholarships came I didn’t about them I don’t know the procedures I have to follow, lack in documentations still somehow managed to apply in 2–3 universities but got rejected because of incomplete documents and etc.

Three tasks I have now identified for myself that are

1: Complete the documentation 2: Keeping an eye on upcoming scholarships 3: follow up on these things.

Well these tasks I have identified were difficult for me to do. Documentation I can say I had to make my passport before the scholarship date run out.

I wasn’t completely aware of these scholarship dates and they were coming and I was like sleeping.

And the third one was that I had applied for the universities I didn’t follow up, and how can I follow up my documentation wasn’t completed at that time so I got rejected from two universities because my documents were incomplete and the one thing I am going to add that I haven’t even completed their criteria because there were certain tests required to get the most preference from the university.

I have learned many things from my past experience that always rely on yourself and don’t be a fat lazy guy , because if you want to achieve something you have to stand up for that thing this is how we can achieve things we want . We have to take firm actions, follow up, and yeah never be afraid of trying something new.

The next steps I am actually taking are following the certain universities sites for scholarship call , and also completing my documentation and yeah will start preparing for the tests like IELTS and GAT .

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