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I agree with everything in this article. Although I do my due diligence, as obsessive as I can get sometimes, of agonizing through pages and pages of “deals” through some of the categories to make sure I don’t miss anything useful. But I am wondering how making these sales events so hard for consumers to navigate is in Amazon’s favor. They don’t announce deals in advance, and these deals are being “released every 5 minutes” and ending at similar frequency. How am I supposed to make sense of it all. Why can’t I look at deals or “watch” them by searching them in “All Departments”. Why do they force us to go through that main landing page, with only very few options to filter the list. Why don’t they make the “categories” browseable like they usually have for non-prime days. How can I decide which deal i want without knowing whats coming down the road? Do they expect customers to buy everything remotely interesting and then return later after identifying the best deal they need… Or is the “proper” way to just decide on impulse and suck it up.

At the end of the day I am left wondering, did I really need those two torch lights I ordered. Not sure if this is the feeling Amazon wants its customers to end up with after this event.

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