The Interested Challenge:

The thing I learned from the story of Dale Carnegie is the most challenging that you should become genuinely interested in other people, which is rather challenging for most introverts to do. What I have found that works for me is that I try to internalize what other people are saying and the second thing if you want to make friends, increase your social circle and want to increase your influence in them. You have to do things in which they are interested if you only tell about yourself they did not enjoy your company. The only way to live in people hearts and in their gossips you have to do things in which they are interested, give them time, respect is the most important thing, appreciate their ideas.

From Carnegie story I learn many things but the key point I want to implement in my life to increase my influence in friends circle. I will try to avoid complain, criticism and condemning. I will give them time to speak and listen their ideas, appreciate them, Meat them with smiling face, don’t force them for anything, take their suggestion on the project and Share the achievements with them.

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