Edhi Sb Biography

In this bog of mine I want to discuss some examples from Edhi Sb biography and things related to their struggle to become a great man. The author of the book writes that Edhi Sb knew only one language i.e. Gujrati language. He was not a very educated person because he left the madrassa in class four. After he left from the madrassa he hadn’t given up. That was just the start of his struggle towards success. Keeping in mind the amal principal and the principal of hard work he took a job in cloth market at the shop of Haji Abdullah. He was given a salary of 5 rupees at that time. That was not enough. He kept one rupee with him and gave the rest four rupees to his mother. That was his initial struggle. Mr.Edhi belongs to a very humble family but his dreams were high. He thought about helping poor people. His thinking was that “I will build hospitals, make a factory to train and employ poor, and build a village for handicapped.” Though he was not a rich person at time. His father had often said, “No labor is an insult, the lowest form is dignified and worthy of respect. Start from the lowest rung. It is important to think without limitations. Confining ideas stunt potential.” His father told him not listen to too many words, “The strength of words lies in implementation, otherwise they are meaningless.” His father was a man of few words, but whatever he said was enough to make an impact on him. His father explained why, “Too many dialogues scatter and waste, say a little so that your words are remembered.” His father told him, “Simplicity is the only beneficial way of life.” They joked him, “When all the matter in your head dries up it will shrivel like stale bread. Think a little, about a little. It is better for your future.” Mr. Edhi was never discouraged and smiled back at them, “I can begin small, but why should I think small.” From all the above examples this is clear that Edhi Sb was hardworking, positive thinker, self-learner and a man with proper vision and action.

All the above examples are related to my experience of working on project that I have mentioned in the activity 1. I started from small things like Edhi Sb. I am learning from my experiences and mistakes. I have big and clear vision to fulfill my goal. I am working according to the principals adopted by Edhi Sb.

I used the same Principle of Progress in my own example. I knew nothing about my project at start. At first there were lot of difficulties faced by me. I didn’t given up rather took these difficulties as a challenge. I worked very hard to learn these things.

The reader can learn a lot of things from Edhi Sb and my experience. They can learn how to start knew things. How to proceed further in life. How to get familiar to new things. How to make a change in people lives. How to react in difficult situation. How to proceed further in your life to improve the lives of others.

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