I am studying Electrical Engineering. When I was in second year I started thinking about working on smart grid automation. This thought came to mind when I was discussing study related things with my senior. He told be some interesting things about smart grid. At that time I made a decision that I will work on this project in future. That’s how this all started. Smart grid automation project is related to the simulation of original grid station on computer applications at small level. That was my goal at that time to implement this project.

I want to achieve this goal first of all for my own satisfaction. Secondly, I am doing specialization in Electrical Power Engineering and this is a very good project related to field of power. It covers almost all the fields related to Power Engineering. This not a very easy task to implement this project or to do research in that field. This is a very challenging project but still I am choosing this project because I like challenges. At last this project is time demanding but this will give me a lot exposure to my field and gives me chance to learn new things.

I experienced a lot of challenges in the past to achieve my goal. When I started thing about my project I was in second year of my education. Until that time we studied just the basic subjects but my project was related to advance studies. That’s why at start I felt a lot of difficulty to understand the concepts. Also the teachers whom I knew at that were not so cooperative excluding few of them. I also don’t have enough experience to use the resources available on the internet. Sometimes I think I would not be able to proceed further because this was difficult subject. In third year at the time of selection of final year project, I discussed my idea of smart grid automation with my supervisor. I purposed him that I want to take this as my final year project but he rejected my proposal. He told me that my idea is great but he can’t recommend me this project because last year some senior student of mine were also working on a similar project and they won’t be able to finish it. I felt little disappointed. These were some of the challenges that I faced in the past towards achieving this.

To complete this project of desire the first task that I want to perform is to study the basics of smart grid, second I will also learn the software’s used for this project and third I will study about the hardware related to this project and try to implement my project.

At the time of completing my first task my experience was little disappointing because I knew nothing about smart grid. It was a very tough time for me to learn these new things. I didn’t given up and started discussing it with seniors. My first task was to lean theory about smart grid. At the end it was a good experience after grabbing concepts related to my project. My second task was to lean the software’s related to smart grid automation. Let me tell you apart from learning it was also a challenging thing for me to get these software’s. This was the first difficulty I faced. Secondly to learn these software’s I took workshops, discussed it with seniors and teachers and used internet resources. I am still in the process of learning these software’s. I think 3rd task that is the hardware implementation of my project is the most difficult one. I hadn’t yet started working on hardware and I am sure that I will experience a lot of difficulties related to it.

I learned a lot from this experience. I learned how get familiar to new things. Also hardworking is key to success and to learn new things. Things can’t happen for you automatically. You had to put effort to make things happen. Others will help you if you are eager to learn from them. I also learned how to use resources.

Currently I am working on this project and also on my final year project. My next step is to implement my project in an efficient way. I also want to research on this field because this is a vast field. I want to have full command on what I am doing so that I can help others regarding this.

Picture describing my project.